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seeking apprenticeship/work trade in MA

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seeking apprenticeship/work trade in MA

I have been travelling for the past few years and in that time I've become more and more intersted in bread, especially sourdough. Everything I learned is mostly from books and experimenting. I was lucky to have had the oppurtunity to bake underground for a local restaraunt and now I am the bread baker for a new bakery in town. I will be relocating back to my homestate of Massachusetts ( moving to the western part most likely near northampton) and would love to be more involved with breads and for someone to take me under their wing. Either taking on an apprenticeship or doing some type of work trade would be great.  Also I am seeking to rent a house, so if you know of anything in the area, please let me know. I am 26. I travel with my partner Michelle. She is a great cook, gardner, craft women etc.


I hope to talk more about this,


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Hello Ted,I have a Artisan bread/European bakery in Southern VT and posted here on The Fresh Loaf intent on finding an apprentice/partner opportunity. I am about 2 hours from Northampton. I would love to talk to you about a possible apprenticeship and/or work trade. I also have the possibility of a housing arrangement; my business is on the Main Street level and I have an additional 2,400 sq ft, 2 story living quarters above which I (52) share with my 44 yr old wife, 19 yr old daughter, 23 yr. old Jamaican man (a friend), 5yr old mutt, and 3 cats. Your friend, Michelle would be welcome, too. If interested, pvt msg me at and I can send you my phone # so we can talk. You can also check it out on Facebook: Bakkerij Krijnen (phone #'s there, too).  Hans