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Which scales? UK please

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Which scales? UK please

Hi there,

my cheapy scales broke ages ago and it's time I bought some new ones... I did search TFL for previous threads on the subject but makes that got the most votes (OXO, My Weigh) are unavailable here in the UK (i did find a few My Weigh's on eBay, but at only 3 kg capacity and £40 it's not ideal). Amazon UK seems to be filled with Salter and Duronic and both have very mixed reviews.

It doesn't have to be super-duper precise but constant readings are essential! I get very frustrated with the fact that my baby scales (which, for want of alternatives, I'm currently using for baking) give me 5 different reading for the same bowl of flour! (weighing a baby on them is even more pointless as you can't make them stay still!)

I'd also consider mechanical scales as  I find that digital measuring equipment (save professional) doesn't last very long...

my budget would ideally be around £20 - £25.

Many thanks!


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For the accuracy and ease of use, I just can't live without this. Unlike Salter's and other makers' scale readily available in UK market, Tanita's scales can deduct the weight into negative figures, not only adding up like others. I only hyperlinked Amazon UK site, but if you google it, you'll find other online  sellers, too.

Maybe  a slightly more expensive than you're thinking to pay, but you know, "you're worth it!" :p

More info about the manufacturer and their product is here.



ETA: No review on Amazon site may seem a bit worrying, but Tanita is the most reputable manufacturer of scales of every kind in Japan.  It's just that they don't really do hard marketing in UK.  Just to assure you...;)



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sorry that was *consistent readings

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Hi Faith,

Daisy_A and I both bought these:

We found them on ebay, but they only seem to be available on amazon now.   They are slow, but to me that is good.   Accuracy to a single gram requires patience and care.   These are good scales!

Best wishes



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Hi from you are a link i found : Happy baking and good luch with the choice :-) Paolo

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many thanks for all your suggestions! I haven't had the time to check out all of the options yet, back to bed now (before my little terror wakes up!) I'll update you on what I decide on




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You could do a lot worse than the Salter Slim Design Electronic Platform Kitchen Scale Black only £9.99. I use it all the time.

4 ranges

  • imperial lb & fl oz
  • metric gr & ml

And it will weigh negative if that's what you want!

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Hi there,

thanks again for all your suggestions. I think I'll go with Andy's Kuhn Rikon, it looks sturdy enough and has buttons as opposed to a touch-screen which my little tinker will break in a flash if he ever gets his mucky little hands on it! I did find one eBay listing on it though, here, and it is £3.50 cheaper than Amazon! *thumbs up*