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Given this forum is primarily for bread baking

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Given this forum is primarily for bread baking

Does anyone know of any similar sites only instead of the main focus being on bread but on pastry?

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That at the time of my posting this message that your reply was at the top of the pastry forum list and that your reply was to a 1+ month old topic?

I realize that this site has a good forum about pastry but what I am trying to find is A SITE that is primarily about pastry to include technique, troubleshooting and tips  where the topic of pastry is more active

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Just Loafin

You'd be rather amazed at the diversity here... but if that's not enough, Google would be a good place for pastry forums.

- Keith

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The King Arthur flour web site. They have a Baking Circle mostly about pastry.

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Hello, This forum has a section on pastry and baking:
:^) from breadsong

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They seem pretty serious ... a 100 essay as to why you want to join??? .... Wow

Just how strict are they about joining?

Are they mainly trying to only get professional bakers to join or are home bakers such as myself encouraged to join as well?

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Just a home cook and I had no issue joining. I think the essay just sifts out the spammers, flamers and other digital riff raff. I find the sight worth the little extra effort.