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Using a salt-based spice mix in bread

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Using a salt-based spice mix in bread

If a spice mix is chiefly salt and most of its weight is salt why not substitute it for salt -- maybe with a bit extra to account for the other components.  I tried it today and it worked.

When Bill walked by the rosemary bush this morning, he requested rosemary olive bread like we bought up in Cheshire, Conn. at Everybody's Grocery Store some six years ago!  Well, not only is Everybody's over 800 miles away but we are out of olives.  So, this morning I dug around among my spices to see what might go with some fresh rosemary from the front yard.  What I found was a "garlic pepper rub" that has salt as its first ingredient, garlic second, and black pepper third with red bell pepper and parsley as the final ingredients.

I used 500g KA bread flour, 50g rye flour, 50g coarse semolina flour, 8g yeast, 14g MySpiceSage Garlic Pepper Rub, a palm-ful of freshly picked rosemary (minced), and 420g water.  It worked out fine.

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Oh, what a wonderful idea.   I have several jars of salt-based spices that I will never use to cook with again, but have not yet thrown out because I am essentially a cheapskate.  *laugh*