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Downloading Pictures Problem Today

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Downloading Pictures Problem Today

I am not able to downloading pictures here today.  I am not sure if it has to do with my computer or the site.

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing any problems?


My computer is a macbook pro.  I have downloaded successfully before.  I am able to go through all of the steps except the download piece...


Thanks for any help!

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Without any more information than you provided, I can only tell you that the max resolution for images on TFL is 800x600.


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Guess I shouldn't have asked for specific help because I am hopeless at following written directions without the help of my kids or husband.

More I just wanted to see if there was a glitch on the site or user error...

I am thinking it is user error....

Will wait for my husband to get home and see if he can figure out what I am doing wrong.

I wouldn't know how to give you any more information because I just follow the cursors that come up once  the picture box above is activated....

I do know about the size but in the past I always decreased size once it had uploaded the file.  Today I can't get to that step because it won't upload the files I  choose....or ones I have used in the past...

Thanks for offering help.

At least I know it is me and not a glitch here...



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You'll need to post your images on a host site (e.g. photobucket) and then link them to your post using the process specified by the host site.

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Problem solved.  Husband got home and showed me the step I was missing!

Amazing what one piece of a puzzle can do!

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I just posted and added a picture no problem......downloaded it from my computer not another site..