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BBA Challenge, Week 16: Kaiser Rolls

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BBA Challenge, Week 16: Kaiser Rolls


Well, it's week 16 of the BBA Challenge, and we're still going strong. I've reproduced the front page of the blog post here (with the pic), but to read more, click here:

I don’t tend to be much of a sandwich guy, and when I do have a sandwich, it’s not typically on a Kaiser roll. So I saw this challenge as one of those “well sure, I’ll give it a shot” occasions. I was more curious to see how close to the form of a Kaiser roll I could get it into than anything else.

I think I got it! I was expecting a bland taste, but I was wrong – they tasted good. Moreover, they didn’t just come out looking like Kaiser rolls – they also had the exact right texture, crumb, and crust. If you’re into sandwiches on rolls, this is a good recipe to make, and not terribly difficult to do, if you’re not a beginner or baking newbie.

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Norm made a really good video on shaping kaisers the old fashioned way. I know it's late but you might still like it.

And here is TFL post with a discussion and link


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Or try this shapping method metioned in KA's post.