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Self rising flour

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Self rising flour

I came across 25 lbs of self rising flour from a friend, he did not have any use for it, was wondering before I possibly throw it out, are there any worthwhile recipes to make bread, I normally make a french or Italian bread.




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If not for yeast breads, you could always just "look up" some "other" recipes using sr flour to see if there are some you may like.

Got a feeling there won't be many yeast bread suggestions or recipes, but there are undoubtably some, out there, somewhere.

Instead of tossing it, it probably wouldn't take too much time, or effort, to find someone who would appreciate a pretty nice stash of sr flour.

In my "neck of the woods"(southeastern US), sr flour sells quite briskly. Certainly much more so than "bread" flours.

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Self rising does have a shelf life, doesn't it? If it has been sitting too long it might not have much "rise" left in it. Look for a 'use by' date.


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IMHO, self-rising flour isn't going to work all that well for yeasted or sourdough bread.

Look for any recipes that call for "baking powder" (in effect self-rising flour has the baking powder pre-added). These will be "quick breads", pancakes, biscuits, and so forth. (If you're familiar with the "Bisquick" brand, you should be able to use self-rising flour for all the same things.)

(You might even be able to ignore the self-rising aspect and make yeasted or sourdough bread. Hopefully there would be a pronounced rise, followed by a deflation, in the first few tens of minutes as the "self-rising" did its thing then went away. Yeast takes much longer, and should have the flour all to itself by the time it's done. I haven't done this myself though, and am somewhat unsure either that it would really work or that it wouldn't be ridiculously difficult:-)

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damn. 25Lbs - that's a lot of pancakes ;)  how about you distribute some of the flour for your friends? or maby a local charity?