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Pain Meunier - and having fun with shaping

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Pain Meunier - and having fun with shaping


This recipe is from "Advanced Bread and Pastry". Using white and whole wheat flour, wheat germ, and cracked wheat (aka. bulgur, my new favorite bread ingredient), the bread is super fragrant and packful of flavors. I wanted to convert the formula to use sourdough, but was busy preparing for and running a half marathon last weekend, so stuck to the poolish version in the book.


In my last post, I tried some interesting shapes for baguette, this time, I tried another shaping method from the same site, you can find the video here.


Pain Meunier (adapted from "AB&P")

note: makes 2 lb loaves

-- poolish

bread flour, 241g

water, 156g

salt, 3.5g

yeast, 1/4tsp

1. mix and leave at room temp for one hour, put in fridge overnight

-- soaker

cracked wheat (bulgur), 57g

water, 57g

2. soak for at least 2 hours, I did overnight

-- final dough

bread flour, 202g

ww flour,21g

wheat germ, 11g

water, 153g

salt, 3.5g

all poolish

all soaker

3. mix together everything but soaker, autolyse for 30min, mix at low speed for 1 min, midium speed for 3min. Add soaker, mix at low speed until blended in.

4. bulk rise for 1.5hours (25C) until double, S&F at 40min.

5. divide into two parts, preshape into oval, rest for 20min, shape according to instruction here

6. proof seam down on parchment paper for 50min (25C)

7. flip the bread so it's seam side up, and bake @ 450F for 40min, with steam for the first 15min.


Really like how the shape turned out


Thought all the rolling and twisting would affect the crumb, but what a pleasant surprise, full of holes and very open for a 66% hydration dough (not counting water in the soaker).


Flavor is out of this world, I REALLY like the combo of ww and cracked wheat. For my sandwich loaf, I soaked crack wheat in hot water(about 2 hours), this time in cold water (overnight), I can't really tell the difference. Both method soften the grain without turning them into mush.


Plan to make this one again very soon, probably a sourdough version. Oh yeah, the half marathon went well too. I finished in 1:45, crossing the finish line with my running partner, very good race.


Submitting to Yeastspotting.


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3 Olives

I don't have the original recipe. How much malt does the recipe call for? Thanks!

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and now I finally have to answer to my question what to do with the bulgur I bought a while ago. What an interesting and great looking bread, txfarmer!

I'll add that to my recipe collection and try it out soon.