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posting pics

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posting pics

I have so many pics i'd love to share also, but jus can't seem to figure out how to post my pics (blush), i usually jus take them from my phone and transfer to computer then it tells me tht they're too large once im up loading, they're al the same size so not sure wat to do? thanks :)

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Hopefully you know how to determine the size of your images on your computer. If they are larger than 600 x 800, they are too large to be uploaded to Fresh Loaf. You must use an application(program) to "resize" the images. "Powertoys" for windows includes such an ap. Powertoys is a free download from Microsoft. They really should probably be no larger than 640 x 480.

Then use the "FAQ" tab at the top to link to the posting photos FAQs for the directions to upload your properly resized images.

Good luck.

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I have given point by point instructions and as mrfrost replied, make sure you resize your pictures to 480X640 or vise versa depending on whether the photo is in landscape or portrait mode.



email me with questions, I forget where I posted, grin grin

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thanks so much for your replies. i will try. i find it a bit annoying to fiddle around with the size of the pic, but hope will get the hang of it :)