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Weights of Breads

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Weights of Breads

Just out of curiosity. Does anyone have a reference for average weights of portioned doughs that will yield a certain sized loaf etc. Basically I'm looking for some average numbers to produce a normal sandwich loaf, a Large Boule and some dinner rolls. 

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Generally speaking, a 520 gram ball of dough gives me something close to a one pound loaf.  But nothing I've done has ever given me a precisely weighted end product based on the initial weight of the dough I load into the oven. 

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A sandwich loaf generally is made with 1-1.5 lbs of dough, but it really depends on your pan size. 

Boules can be anywhere between 450 g to multi-K weights. I believe most breads lose somewhere around 18% of their weight in baking.

Dinner rolls are generally scaled to 2.5 to 3.5 oz. Hamburger buns can be 3-4 oz. A hoagie roll can be 4-6 oz. These are rough estimates. Clearly, they depend on how big you want your rolls to be after they are baked.

Hope this helps.


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Actually that was a perfect starting point. Thanks guys.