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I have a question about this lesson please...

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I have a question about this lesson please...

I just read King Arthur's artisan lesson

During the section of shaping the loaves, they suggest letting the loaves rise for about 20 or 30 minutes in a couche or bagette pan, however they don't explain how to remove the risen loaves from the bagette pan onto the bread peel with out deforming them. Can someone explain or post a video? Thanks

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As I understand the instructions, the dough is deposited into the baguette pan after the pan is lined with parchment.  But you can bake it in the baguette pan so there's really no need to remove it unless you prefer to bake it on a stone.  To remove it from the baguette pan I suspect you'd use the edges of the parchment to lift the loaves out of it; much like a sling.

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IF I floured the baguette pan I suppose I could eliminate the need for parchment, but I prefer parchment to burnt flour that is nasty for my lungs.  It works very nicely with the parchment.  

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I believe if you proof on the bagg pan (like the perf one in the KA catalog) there's no need to move it to the peel. Just put the pan in the oven. If you proof using a couche then gently roll the loaves, seam side down, onto the peel. Parch on the pan is up to you, some use corn meal.


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thank you.