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Kindle - for recipes

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Kindle - for recipes

Hi Everyone

I wanted to share an idea I tried an am happy with - putting you recipe's on your Kindle.

Having recently left my cache of favorite recipes at the stepson's house (far way). I was faced with tracking down the originals I had printed out. What I did instead was create an eBook myself. It was so surprisingly easy and useful I wanted to encourage others to try it.

I edited my recipes into a document in Microsoft WORD. I save the master copy as Word format. I export the document as HTML.

I then used a program called Calibre to convert this HTML to MOBI format for use on the Kindle. Calibre can then upload the eBook to your Kindle over usb.

I now have a little eBook with my favortite recipes. I no longer worry about losing them.



PS: Next project, a cute little Kindle holder for my cupboard




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I have many recipes stored as files, but I print them out and store them in a binder in the kitchen. That's my cookbook. I prune recipes I don't use and add new ones I'm trying out.

But then, I have a desktop computer and don't have a Kindle. An ereader, or a tablet computer, would work just as well as the binder, I suppose. Anything I could lay down on the kitchen table and consult as necessary.

I think tablets ARE going to be the new cookbooks because you can play videos on them. When I'm learning a new technique, I'll look for a demonstration video on YouTube.

Or here :)

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Do you have pay Amazon?

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Calibre allows you to upload an eBook in MOBI format directly to your Kindle over a usb cable. Amazon is not involved in that.

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Good idea! I have recipes all over the place (physical and virtual): cookbooks, paper notebooks, printout and binder, laptop, and now I got a Samsung Galaxy tab...quite disorganized.  Creating your own ebook is a good idea, but I have to learn how to do it first!  I'll look into creating my own ebook on the tab :)

Thank you,


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I use openoffice (free download) or Microsoft Office to adjust my recipes, including pictures etc, and then simply save the document as a pdf which can be read on most devices.  I put them in their own folder, then I can sort them according to their name.  It also makes it easy to search for a recipe, because I can use my windows search function.