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Is there anyway to make a real New York bagel here in Arizona?

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Is there anyway to make a real New York bagel here in Arizona?

Looking for a bagel recipe and directions. I never made bagels before and would love to repelicate a real New York bagel.

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A nice bagel recipe here:

Check that thread for more bagel recipes & comments. 

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I used to live in NYC and spent a couple weeks there this summer.  Ate lots of bagels.  Mine are just as good, if not better than some I tasted.

Jeffrey Hamelman's book, Bread, a Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes has the best traditional New York bagel formula in print - but you have to follow it and not substitute bread flour.  I make them so often I wound up buying 50# of KAF Sir Lancelot high gluten flour.

Here's a link to the Hamelman technique.  

It doesn't include the actual formula out of respect for the author and copyright law.  Your library should be able to supply the book (which is a terrific addition to anyone's bread book collection).  There is a version of the formula floating around on the 'Net, but it's not completely accurate.


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has bagel recipes in the Bread Baker's Apprentice and in Artisan Bread Every Day that are pretty much like what I remember a NY bagel to be (I am not much of a bagel connoisseur, but I don't like fluffy, California style bagels).  The ABED recipe is much easier!