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still learning

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still learning

New to the forum, and of course I came here with a problem about very hard crusts on my German rye breads.  Did a search and already I have learned several things to try.

Hope I can attend regularly and eventually make some contributions.  I've been baking and cooking for quite a while now, and like to think I am a student of the arts, and one who has a lot to learn yet.

Glad to be here.

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Welcome to the site amen2u. This is a very friendly and helpful place to learn or build on your baking skills. I look forward to seeing your work.

We have some very skilled members who are frequent contributors in the German Rye bread area.

Here is some reading to get you started. Mini's Rye is a great Rye mix that many have had success with. Search on mini and rye and you will find lots of very helpful threads to name just one great reference.


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After home baking for fifty years I am still learning and making mistakes. I don't believe anyone can know everything about bread making. Some people know very much and write excellant books but I bet that they also read other's books to se if there is something they have missed.