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As promised pictures of my vermont sourdough in loaf pans

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As promised pictures of my vermont sourdough in loaf pans


Had a very nice oven spring you can see the line have not sliced into one yet. Hope it's good as I already delivered one to my father in law. He placed his order the other day.

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lovely! is there a recipe on TFL?

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I am attempting to bake my way through  "Bread" by Jefferey Hamelman  this is his Vermont Sourdough this is my third time although first in a loaf pan. It's a great book I am so happy that I bought it. I am a novice bread baker so I have learned ALOT.

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Susan of Wild Yeast has posted her adaptation of Mr. Hamelman's Vermont Sourdough formula, which appears in his book Bread, a Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes.

The book, like all others, carries copyright protection - which should be respected.

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Great looking loaf! Looks like the pans worked out then ;)

See you over at Mellow Bakers too!