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New from Pittsburgh

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New from Pittsburgh

Hey all I'm new here but not to all this baking stuff I have been playing around with baking for a few years pies and bread mostly my wife calls me "the doughboy" mostly because of all the baking I do but I'm sure there are other reasons.Ive recently been making lots more bread and have just purchased Cook's Illustrated baking book wich is where the recipies for the pics I posted came from. I have also been wanting to start working with sourghdough so I am glad I have come across some people who will let me pick their brain while I start kinexperimenting. Well that's enouggh introductions I will soon be asking lots of questions.


Sorry I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get this image to go vertical

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Welcome to the site! You'll learn a lot and the people here are great.


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Welcome - What is the boule in your photo? It looks great...Very nice photo composition, by the way!

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Country bread from Cook's Illustrated's Baking Illustrated book.  Made with an overnight sponge of rye and bread flour with the addition of whole wheat and more bread flour to the dough.  They suggest final proofing in a banneton wich I cannot afford right now but an alternate suggestion was a colander lined with muslin or linen wich is what I used you can see the second loaf right before it went into the oven so as you can see I had a busy day.  It's very tasty with a dense crumb and an almost black very crispy crust.  As far as the picture goes I am a photographer as a part-time/side job I mostly shoot weddings but I will pretty much shoot any thing but thanks for your comments.

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care to share the recipe?