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First Struan

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First Struan

My first Struan this morning was beautiful and yummy. It came out of the oven at 7:15 AM and it made the house smell soooo good. My family and I couldn't wait the hour to eat it. That was a mistake. It was so yummy, but it wasn't quite right yet. It seemed a little doughy in the middle. We tried it three different ways: not toasted all natural, toasted with butter, and toasted with jam. So yummy and nice, but it would have benefitted from another 30 minutes of cooling down. I have pictures but cant figure out how to post them

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Glad to hear that you enjoyed the Struan so much.  It is really difficult to wait, isn't it?  As you noticed, the baking process continues after the bread is removed from the oven, all the way up to the point that it reaches room temperature.

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