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spam blocker... how to contact Floyed et al.

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spam blocker... how to contact Floyed et al.

Can someone just tell me how to contact Floyd or anyone at TFL? I can't find anyplace to do that.


Floyd, if you're reading this, I tried submitting a thread on the artisan bread forum, including a photo, but I got the message that I triggered the spam blocker and I cannot figure out how or what to do about it. Solutions?


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Just FYI, the contact info is at the bottom of every page.  Gotta read the fine print.

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It's all grayed out. I can barely read it and it won't highlight on the rollover. Without you showing me, I wouldn't know and I still can't really se it. Thanks, though.

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Try actually typing in the address: floyd @

with no spaces. It is probably printed the way it is there to avoid an actual link, to prevent spam to his email.

However, your post will be seen, and addressed, eventually. Patience.

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looks like it says floydm  ....

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You should be able to get past the spam blocker now.

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Hello Floyd: I usually get 2-3 new post from the TFL a day but about 3 weeks ago I received "NOTHING". What happen?Am I being left out? Are there any new post send out to members any more? I really miss my TFL family. TFL is where I learn  everything  about bread making and it is my favorite Blog. I felt like a stepchild being cast out. Am I?


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Hi Mantana - I don't think we caught this earlier!

The main discussion about email notifications is here.  No one meant to cast you out, but the system upgrade has meant that there were some hiccups including finding that our email notification service had changed. Some folks need to re-sign up to the newsletters to keep getting those notifications!