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Fig Bread Help

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Fig Bread Help

 Help I would appreciate any anyone could give me. Yes I have searched recipes. 

I have searching for a recipe or suggestions for a fig something. I cannot find what I am looking for. I guess it is technically a fig bread. But it's not really a bread with figs. It's figs and nuts held together with something. It is very thick and hard and I have seen it at new seasons and whole foods. I believe it's imported from spain. Hard and about 6" long and a couple of " thick and maybe 4" high. Solid. Yummy and far more expensive to buy than I can afford. It's driving me nuts. I have plenty of dried figs and nuts, can get those and not afraid to try anything. 

What I don't know if I can even find my question again to see if anyone responded. 

Thank you all.

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Hi mredwood, I think what you may be looking for is the Spanish fig log called pan de higos. A quick google search should turn up a few recipes. I have made it a couple of times. The recipe I went with contained dried figs, toasted hazelnuts, icing sugar, lemon zest, period and melted chocolate. It was delicious. Hope that helps. Regards, Gary

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Often, I am successful in finding something that I cannot identify by name, by typing in a "best fitting" description in a web image search(yahoo, google, etc).

So in this case you might try searhing for images of "fig bread", then maybe, fig and nut bar, or Spanish fig and nut bar, etc. Often, clicking on the resulting images will lead to more details, recipes, etc.

In this case, just a general web search(not image) for "fig and nut bar" the first hit was a link to a recipe at They describe it as similar to something called a "pan forte", which brings up other search possibilities, and so on. 


Looks like a possibility.

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This is just a guess but it sounds like if it's as hard as candy, it's a turron (a Spanish nougat) with figs and nuts. (If it's more like fruitcake or less in density, see the earlier replies above.) If turron, you could try a basic nougat or turron recipe and add the figs and nuts, and use a very thin unleavened bread for the top and bottom.

I've tried to translate one for you from Spanish but it was so oddly written that I had to do some interpretation along the way. I have NOT tested this.

Almond Nougat, Nuts and Figs recipe interpreted (and untested) by Dragonbones based on a confusingly written recipe at


160 gr. sugar

100 gr. honey

100 gr. almonds, peeled and toasted

100 gr. other nuts , peeled and toasted

30 gr. Turkish figs, preserved (dried)

1 egg white

2  wafer sheets (I think these are large sheets of wafer as used in church for communion, aka communion hosts - just very thin unleavened bread) , presumably cut to fit pan size.

1 "aluminum pan  100 x 150 x 10  (sides greased?)

Place one wafer sheet in aluminum pan. Cook sugar and honey together to 159 º C. in copper pot, stirring gently with wooden spoon.  Beat one egg white until peaks form, and add to mixture. Continue stirring and cooking for 10 minutes. Add chopped dried figs and nuts.  Pour out onto a marble slab to cool slightly. Use spatula to gather the still fluid mixture and transfer into the aluminum pan atop the wafer sheet. Work and flatten with spatula, cover with remaining wafer sheet, and let cool. Unmold.



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Mini Oven

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I found it. Even before I finished trying all the ideas. It is  the 

Pan de higos and I found it with your search ideas mrfrost. Thanks mini oven. I now know how to bookmark, make my life easier. 

Thank you all for responding. Soon I will make it. Right now I am up to my eyeballs in sourdough. And having a good time with it.