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hi hello everyone~ I'm new

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hi hello everyone~ I'm new

hi everyone, I'm a new baker! I'd like to learn and share everthing on my baking road with you. I love bread very much and it's the toppest hobby in my life.

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Welcome, Lexie.  If you decide at this point in time what type of bread you want to work on and if you make that bread repeatedly until you have it mastered before moving on to your next variety you'll do much better than the person who begins the bread making experience with a shotgun approach.  We all wish you the best of success ... and you can rely on getting whatever help you need in this forum.

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Welcome to The Fresh Loaf lexie!  You have come to the right place.  I will second all the advice you received from flournwater, and simply add that the beginner's tutorials (see Your First Loaf - A Primer for the New Baker) and the Handbook (the link is also in the menu bar at the top of every page) are very valuable resources for those who earnestly want to learn.

Happy New Year to you, happy baking, and a hearty welcome.

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Aussie Pete

Hi There Lexie,

Welcome from Australia. Today we are going to see our friends about an hour away so yesterday I prepared my dough with a fridge ferment for some Baguettes. I was up at 5am this morning divided and shaped to let the dough come to room temperature and final rise in their baguette tray.

Back to bed, up again at 7am (It's summer here) turned on the oven, showered shaved and back to place the risen dough in the hot oven. While I am writing this I now have the smell of fresh baguettes lingering in the air. With this smell I must be in heaven.

I am now wondering if the baguettes are going to make it to our friends place. 

Welcome aboard and cheers..........................Pete

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Welcome aboard Lexie to a great site for lessons, advice and tips from some of the friendliest and helpful bakers anywhere. You have landed in good company, truly. More than the great recipes, this forum and website is filled with tips and people who are only too willing to lend a helping hand. You will learn a great deal I am sure.

David from: