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How to Pick a Recipe

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How to Pick a Recipe

I wrote web-application to pick/compare recipes, calculate hydrations and percentages, perform conversions.  

You can now compare foreign recipes to American recipes, convert, etc. I have a couple examples from TheFreshLoaf.

1. Walnut Raisin Sourdough Bread from SFBI Artisan II - Walnut Raisin Bread Baking Calculator Results

2. Erics Fav Rye - Rye Baking Calculator Results

The results answer some of the questions asked by posters.

All results were generated by the baking calculator

A short guide How to Pick a Recipe talks about how the baking calculator works.

great loaves,


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That's something that I need all the time - I convert everything to metric, except for teaspoons or some liquid measures. It's helpful to convert a whole recipe, not only separate units.

Thanks for sharing,


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This is a great Christmas gift...I LOVE your baking calculator..a million thanks...

Hope you have a very Happy, Healthy New Year.