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I have tried to post on this site a total of three times, only once being successful. It seems I am thought of as some sort of spammer and I am asked to decode some jumbled mass of letters to assure the site that my intentions are honorable. Unfortunately, twice now the decoding process has not worked. This last time i was asked to decode the letters and the letters never showed up. This is really quite frustrating. I had just finished writing a post and adding attachments only to have it erased. Perhaps you could have this "verification" process take place before we start writing.

Sorry for the venting, but it is frustrating.

Floydm's picture

Hi Polo,

I've marked you trusted so you shouldn't see that any more.

Welcome to the site.


polo's picture

Thanks Floyd,

Now that we got that out of the way, could I interest you in new Nikes or ReeBoks.


Just kidding!