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Savoury Twist Bread

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Savoury Twist Bread



I have made a fair few sourdough loaves using spelt and khorasan and was thinking of making a savoury twist loaf filled with sundried tomatoes and olives, pesto or something else like that.

I would like to see other peoples recipes for twists and learn the basic techniques and any tips etc.


I can not eat modern wheat and so will either use wholemeal spelt and/or white khorasan flour.



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I have never made ones before but I had a really lovely pesto bread from local bakery that is in my to-bake list.

It's not really a twist bread. It's more like a scroll, pin-wheel sort of shaping with chicken and pesto. I guess what they do is spreading the rolled dough pieces with pesto, cooked chicken pieces, and onion, then rolling the dough like you would with jam roll or cinnamon roll. Then cut it into pieces, about 3-cm in size. I would say the pizza-type dough should work with this bread.


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Hello, Here is a beautiful filled bread that is shaped first by making a roll, cutting the roll into two halves lengthwise,
& then twisting them.

Regards, breadsong