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Videos of two talented bakers

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Videos of two talented bakers

I'm not sure how many people look at the food blogger site called The Fermenter, but he has posted a couple of amazing videos, one of a pizza shop:

and one of a guy rolling Indian flatbread:

After watching these videos, I think I need to bush up on my technique, or at least my swagger.


I wish you well,


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He won some sort of international pizza competition in Naples this summer.


And here I felt so proud of myself last night because I shaped my pita breads by hand -- without a rolling pin. Took forever compared to those journeymen!

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If you look under gregnim's wonderful video link of The Fermenter, go to the archives located on the left, and you will find a wonderful video of Tartine Bread with Robertson narrating! WOW!

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The Poilâne video is quite wonderful.

Thanks for the link to the site, Greg.  

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The paratha roller was awesome! Also the person they were throwing to, who caught it every time, right and left hand!

Best wishes, Daisy_A

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This guy was off the charts.  He focused only on the breads and work table and frisbee-tossed the flatbreads across the room to the catcher without ever looking.  While the catcher caught every pass, at least he was able to look at/for the incoming.  You don't want to ask how long these guys have been doing these jobs to gain that level of experience.