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King Arthur's Flour SALE

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King Arthur's Flour SALE

I apologize if I am double posting I am trying to create a blog and make sure my info like this SALE gets seen. Any tips welcome


Hi all..happened upon a KAF sale today every bag was at least one dollar less than their site. This is in Boston area (Massachusetts). Not sure all Stop and Shops in New England have the same sale. Maybe give them a call first? 

I spent a lot more time in the baking aisle today but now I am set for a long while. I have a lot of studying to do regarding white wheat (trying to fool fam) if amounts used differ, etc. 

Have a great day

Cathy aka ~gardenchef

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jim baugh

food lion has it on sale for 2.99, reg $4 something.

I have boughht several bags

Jim B

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They had KA Flour on sale at some places in Northern California, too. 

But I'm going to Giusto's Central Milling to stock up this week.


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at competitive prices, so I have been experimenting with it again.

Maybe due to the holiday season, but the stores seem to have a lot more flur options than several months ago.