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Organic Whole Grains, especially emmer wheat or farro

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Organic Whole Grains, especially emmer wheat or farro

I haven't seen it posted here before so I will risk duplicating. I have found an excellent source of whole grains and whole grain flours especially for emmer or as it is known in Italy, farro. Emmer is one of the precursors to our modern hybridized wheat and is exptremely high in protein. There is some evidence to suggest that emmer and its simpler DNA is more tolerated by those with intolerance to modern wheat gluten. This is a family run organic farm on the west coast... Bluebird Grain Farms and they have a web site at

Besides the emmer they grow and sell soft and hard wheat flour and grain, rye and others. All organically grown.

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We use grain from these folks at our bakery.  I can attest to the quality of the flour and the great customer service. 

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Going to bookmark the site.

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Too expensive!

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Would love to try it, but that's waaay too steep a price for me. :( Makes me very sad because emmer is a grain I have been wanting to try and I can't easily find it.

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It is more expensive than say KAF but not that much more than their organic flours and you have to remember that they have a limited market and they grow  and mill it all themselves organically. They are also preserving an ancient grain and I would guess they are one of the few farms in the U.S. doing so. I won't make all my bread from it but I will continue to support them because I appreciate the effort they are making to preserve this heirloom grain. I'm actually going to try and grow some myself next year though I don't know how well it will like Geogia summers and it will probably turn out to be the white tail deer's favorite snack.