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BBC "The Great British Bake Off"

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BBC "The Great British Bake Off"

The BBC is running a series at the moment called "The Great British Bake Off".  The presenters include Paul Hollywood (author of "100 Great Breads"), and last night's episode centred on bread-making.  The competition setting unfortunately didn't allow for slow-rise, so the focus was on straight doughs.

For those of you with a UK IP address or proxy, you can see the programme at:

for the next seven days.


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Available on NNTP for those in the know.

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Anyone know what brand of ovens they are using, I really like the retracting door design. If you don't know what I am talking about, When the oven door is fully open (down) it slides into a recess at the bottom of the oven. Completely out of the way. Brilliant!. No HOT oven door to burn yourself on, No HOT glass to drip water on when steaming.

Is it a UK only kind of thing, or are there similar things in the US?

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even though I've lived in the USA, Australia and Asia.

However, the concept is not  really's been used on hundreds of thousands of tool-boxes, whether made of steel or wood. In fact, it has been standard practice to make tool-boxes for machinists, mechanics and (the former) pattern-makers with lockable doors that slide away under the drawers and partitions...they usually stick out a few inches, however, as the door is somewhat wider than the depth of the tool-box. I could REALLY use a design such as that in my cramped Japanese kitchen and I wouldn't care if the door stuck out a little bit...I wonder—Are the oven designers reading these pages?



PS: Who's going to be first to suggest it to all the oven manufacturers? I hope they give you a few hundred bucks for the 'brilliant idea'! copyu   

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i watched this on youtube if anyones interested, i like to watch anything really involving bread and dough lol.