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Need parts for my KA mixer...anyone know a good site for parts?

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Need parts for my KA mixer...anyone know a good site for parts?

My old KA mixer needs a face lift and a few internal parts. If anyone knows a good site to order from I'd appreciate the info.




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I have had good luck with mendingshed



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It may be cheaper to buy a working similar model which can be scavenged for parts.  Local to me is a repair shop for mixers which sells working used models for the same cost may repairing your old one.  Reminds me of advice given to me by my car mechanic, a fellow who started off his career unpacking and assembling Ferrari's:  always buy two; one to drive; the other for its parts.  He also suggested keeping a mechanic on retainer.  That's what he thought of Ferraris at the time.

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wwiiggggiinnss (not verified)

I brought my mixer to one of Kitchenaid's authorized service centers in Seattle once.

Bad idea!

When I returned for the verdict, the mixer was in pieces.

They told me they wouldn't put it back together if I didn't agree with their $135 fix.

I didn't, so I left with a $400 mixer in pieces in a box, a Kitchenaid autopsy.

Moral of the story: be sure the repair shop has a policy of returning the item to you in the condition you gave it to them; else, you'll get scammed.


The specific parts and part nos. you need can probably be found in the manual.

You can download the manual here (assuming their archive is comprehensive, which I doubt).

Once you know what you need, I'd first call Direct Factory Service (at 800-961-0959, ext. 2865 Monday – Friday) and inquire about where you can purchase replacement parts. If they can't sell you the parts you need, they'll know of a source.


I wouldn't buy a whole mixer for spare parts unless one of the major parts is damaged, like the motor.

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QARunner for the link.


Wwiiggggiinnss, that totally sucks!! You should write the company and tell them what their authorized service center did to you. I bet they don't know that this is happening to people.


I won't be taking it to a repair shop, my son can fix it for me so all I need is the parts. He could also get the parts for me but if I wait for him to get around to ordering them I'll be waiting for probably another year. But if I order the parts and give him the mixer and the parts he will go ahead and do the work. I wouldn't dream of buying another mixer, I've had this one for almost 20 years and it was a gift from my dad who is no longer with us.

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I have also had good luck and resonable prices at the MendingShed.  I had to do a complete rebuild of the gear box.  There is a pdf manual for the KA at:


Make sure that you buy the recommended grease if you are going to repair the gear box.

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Thanks dlstanf2...

That looks like a great site.