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80% Sourdough Rye from Jeffrey Hamelman's "Bread"

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80% Sourdough Rye from Jeffrey Hamelman's "Bread"

Hi All,

Is it possible to make these bread without yeast? Is there a replacement? I don't like the smell and taste of it.



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Hi David,

Yes, I believe Jeffrey Hamelman states in the book that all his naturally leavened recipes can be made without added baker's yeast.   I think he's added the small amount of yeast to act as a safeguard more than anything.   Just be aware that all the timings he gives will relate to the dough as in the book, with the added yeast.   That just means your sourdough only formula will probably take a bit longer.   I posted on this formula recently; see it here:    Additionally, Mr. Hamelman himself made reference to this recipe in this thread just the other day, see:

Arlo made it too, see his post here:  

It's a great bread, of course

Best wishes


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I will use your advise in a few hours.

Thanks again,



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I never made the 80% but the 70% Rye Sourdough bread from his book and I never put yeast in it. I think it is not necessary at all, and the taste is much better without it, as well as the keeping quality. You just will have to let it proof for a bit longer.