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NC Wheat Montana Coop

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NC Wheat Montana Coop

Just got this from a friend <>. Has now 3 pick-up locations in NC. I don't know if they provide this service also in other states. would be worthwile to check with them. Does anybody have experience with their flour? If the flour is good it seems to me worthwile. Good prices.  

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doesn't work for me.

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Postal Grunt

I've worked with three of their flours, the AP, WW, and Prairie Gold. I'll admit to liking the Prairie Gold the most due to its excellent flavor in a loaf. The WW, Bronze Chief, has what I would call a hearty flavor and can be a little bit thirsty when mixing a batch. The Natural White is a fine AP with a lower protein level than KAF AP.

I've found their flour locally in the KC area at Hy-Vee supermarkets in 5# bags and mill your own Prairie Gold and Bronze Chief for around $1/lb. It's good stuff.

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Wheat Montana Co-ops and dealers are available in many locations. See