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Taking Sourdough Starter on Airplane interstate

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Taking Sourdough Starter on Airplane interstate



I will be travelling interstate (SYD - QLD and return by airplane) later in the year and was wondering will it be a problem taking part of my (dry dough) sourdough starter in the 'checked in' luggage or will this cause issues with quarantine.

The other option is to get it sent by post - atleast that way it won't hold things up at the airport etc


Just interested to know what the rules are and what other people think about this - whether they have taken there starter traveling etc :)




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Mini Oven

in summer heat, the temperature in mail trucks can kill it.

Just mark it clearly and include the ingredients and the date.  Put your name and address on it.  Pack well insulated in the middle of the suitcase away from the outsides.  I like to use zip locks pressing the air out.  Make the starter as dry as you can so it won't expand about the size of a ping pong or golf ball for each sandwich bag.  It should resemble crumbs just hanging together in a ball.    I would take one in hand carry for interstate transport.  That way it won't be overheated or under-chilled.

Upon arrival at the new destination, add a tablespoon of water to the starter to speed it along and keep it chilled until you are ready to let it mature and feed.



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HI Bread 10,  I would get on the Federal Aviation Website and see what they say about taking your starter on board the plane or packing it in your luggage.  There are still a lot of requirements for taking things on board that don't make sense to the uninitiated. Last time I flew I has issues with some pickles!!  Good luck1 highmtnPam

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FWIW, I have traveled with a firm starter in a transparent plastic 1 cup container which was then placed in a ZipLoc bag in my carry on back pack. I labeled it "sourdough starter" on a piece of masking tape.

It got questioned at the security check point. The supervisor was called over - a 50-ish, mustachioed good old boy. He asked me, "What is this?" I said, "It's sourdough starter." He asked, "When are you returning?" I told him. He said, "Bring me a loaf of bread," and waved me through.

I have not been able to find a reference to that procedure on the TSA web site.


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Must work!   Dave is still here to tell the story . David stated that he labeled everything, that must make the  big difference.  Make sure you take a recipe that makes a large number of loaves.  It may be the only way you will get the starter back with you when you try to take it back home.

Have fun highmtnpam