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GE/Hotpoint/others oven glass yours for the cost of shipping

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Thor Simon

GE/Hotpoint/others oven glass yours for the cost of shipping

I know many of us have at one point or another broken the inner glass of our oven doors with spilled or splashed water while steaming.

GE sells the inner glass for most of their ovens only as a "glass pack" with the two inner pieces held together by a stamped metal frame.  It's seldom the case that both sheets of glass break at the same time (in fact, I've never heard of the second sheet breaking at all).  The metal frame comes apart quite easily, it's just crimped together at one corner, and can clearly be reassembled a few times before it's "used up".

My local appliance repairman confirms that it doesn't matter which side up the glass pack is installed, meaning both pieces of tempered glass are the same.

So.  I have one sheet of glass, with the frame if you want it, from a GE "glass pack" part number WB56T10105 or AP3190716, yours for the cost of shipping to whoever needs it.  This is not the whole glass pack, it's just one sheet of glass.  Hopefully this will be helpful to someone here.  With the periodic reports of people cracking their oven glass, and the fact that there are only a few models of glass packs used in almost every oven made by GE and several other brands, I bet a lot of perfectly good tempered glass has been/is being thrown away by Fresh Loaf members over the years...!


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That's nice of you.  Too bad I don't need it.



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If you have the "other piece" of this glass, I'll be glad to take it.


on edit;  It looks as though your door glass is much larger, it would probably fit my upstairs oven door glass (which I haven't broken yet.)

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Thor Simon

I think you may have the parts confused.  The oven has a total of *four* pieces of glass:

1) Outermost glass, which is part of the door "skin" and can't be replaced separately.

2) (for lack of a better term) "shield" glass, a separately mounted piece which protects the outermost glass if both inner glass panes shatter.

3, 4) two panes that are part of the "glass pack", the two innermost glass pieces.  These are interchangeable -- they are not the same size #1 or #2 -- and I have one of the two available.

If what you need is in fact one of the "glass pack" panes -- GE sells only the entire pack assembly -- I will be glad to send you the one I have.  Want it?