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Garlic friends Garlic! Lets talk about Garlic!

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Garlic friends Garlic! Lets talk about Garlic!

Question ohh sage bakers! 


If you want to make something with a garlic flare like that kick butt ciabatta bread recipe that is floating around, what is the best way to do it?


Chop up a few cloves of garlic and mince it and throw it in as you mix it up or go for powder?


Has anyone every experimented with raw garlic in bread and does it throw any of the rising or process?


Thanks all!



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Roasted garlic, mashed and combined with the water in the formula.

How much garlic?  If that's a question you are not a lover of garlic and probably shouldn't be making it.

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Is there such a thing?

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I watch Jacques Pepin take a garlic clove and mash it with a broad bladed knife. Then he folds it onto itself, remashes and repeats this a couple of times.

My raw garlic doesn't do the initial mash at all well.  It's too (for want of a better word) tough.  If I roasted it, it would mash easily, but this mashing of raw it a seasonal thing that affects garlic texture or what?

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If your raw garlic did not smash, your not hitting it hard enough. Try the flat bottom of a small heavy sauce pan.

Roasted garlic on the other hand has the consistency of warm butter, Creamy and smooth. I often just scoop it out of the bulb and spread it on toast with a butter knife.

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Sounds like a resounding - ITS ALL GOOD!




Roasted pureed into the water sounds doable as does bashing the heck out of it and just throwing it into the fold! 


Good stuff.  I will try it all out and see what works the best!



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I like to cheat and buy the giant jar of chopped garlic in the market, I put it in all manner of things. The part that I love in bread is the liquid it is packed in (not oil, just, well, juice lol). I pour off some of that in my water and I gently roast like 1/4 cup of the chopped bits in my toaster oven until it is soft and stinky, then add that to the dough too.

Life is better with a bit of garlic =P