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Hello everyone! I wrote earlier, but cant find where it went. I have 2 questions about water. When baking bread, should I use my bottled water or tap? When making a prefermenter, should I make my water a certain temperature? I love this website, and everybody as enthusiastic as my husband and I.

   Thanks,  Georgie and Adam

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Mini Oven

Click on this:

for your answer to that first question.  Use your tap if the chlorine level is low and you normally drink it. 


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First of all wellcome...about the water temp...I'd recommend lukewarm, especially if the room temp is 17 or above...Happy baking from Quito. Paolo

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Captain Ted

Hi  Mini:  I use tap water but run it through an activated charcol filter such as a Brita before using.  Alternatively and before these filters, I used to let the water set in a milk jug about half full for a couple of days to let the chlorine and flourine gas off.  Either works fine.  Bottled spring water is good but not necessary. Regards, Captain Ted