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ciabatta from the recipe in the handbook

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ciabatta from the recipe in the handbook

I want to start the prefermentation for my ciabatta. What temperature should I shoot for? Should I use my bottled water or tap?

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Tap water, unless your domestic supply is obviously too heavily chlorinated.

Water temperature should be sufficient to maintain your overnight ferment in excess of 23*C, but less than 27*C.   Only you know the variables particular to your environment [ie room temperature and flour temperature]

Best of luck


ps. overall hydration for ciabatta in this recipe is low.  But, see how you get on

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Our tap water is highly alkaline and has a strong taste unless filtered, so I use filtered water. 

At my mother-in-law's or parent's house, where the tap water is sweet, I use it straight and don't filter it first. 

When I made this recipe about a month ago, I just used room-temperature everything. Turned out GREAT, and it was easy. Made me feel like a pro!

Good luck!