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NYBakers/Norm's Book - Recipe Tests

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NYBakers/Norm's Book - Recipe Tests

Those of us who have volunteered to test recipes for Norm's book have received our first recipes. We have been asked to not share the recipes, naturally, but Stan has told me it's okay to post photos. It's a bit of a tease, I know, but, from another perspective, it's publicity for a much-anticipated project of two esteemed TFL members.

For those other recipe testers willing to share their own results, I propose using this topic to collect photos of your breads/pastries/cookies in one place.

My first recipe was for "Bakery Pan Challah." It is sinfully delicious fresh baked and as toast this morning, with butter and cherry-plum jam. I'm betting it will make fabulous French toast tomorrow morning, as well. 

Here are some photos:





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Fantastic Job! Great proportion of dough to filling. The labor of love finds me doubling the recipe often, so I freeze extra babka's. I wrap in plastic - wrapped in paper towel then placed in second plastic bag. Paper keeps any warm air out (opening & closing door )& subsequent frezzer frost and burn. Especially with the large amount of moisture in the filling. Defrosts superbly.

I'm thinking of using your photo as wallpaper on my PC. Thanx Gene

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It is so hard to look at the bakes weekly & not be able to try them.... Please hurry with the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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The Wall Street Journal Online picked up our recipe and credits the book ... you can find it at

Stan Ginsberg

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Thats my favourite recipe from the testing that I did!

I'm looking forward to buying the book in spring 2011.