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James Beard awards 2010

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James Beard awards 2010

Here are the winners of James Beard awards 2010.

Does anyone own any of the winners? I'm tempted by "The country cooking of Ireland"...

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Well I own Baking by James Peterson and can say I love it and have tried numerous recipes from it. I recommend it for anyone looking at making or enchancing skills while making some nice pastries at home.

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I should probably buy that! I have most of Peterson's books and the thing I love about them is he tends to not give recipes so much as philosophy and alternatives. His book on French cooking is awesome and highly recommended!

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I just got it. haven't made anything from it just yet, but at first glance, it's exactly what I expected: great results, but a lot of work. Even though it's "dumbed down" for home cooking.

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I cook from the Bouchon and Ad Hoc books weekly. Both are superb. Yes Keller is detail oriented but the details pay off in spectacularly good food. (I even buy legs of lamb and break them down into individual muscles as he describes in Bouchon - getting about three 1 pound roasts and about a pound of stew meat from each short leg. More trouble - definitely - but the cooking and texture perfection are worth it to me! I think both books are great!

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I noticed that there was an award for Leah Chase for the Dooky Chase Restaurant.  Since I have a friend who is into all things New Orleans, I sent that to her and she sent me back the link to a Salon article on Leah Chase.  Thought it might be of interest.  I need to find the recipe for the dish mentioned in the article.