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question to baking underneath a cover

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question to baking underneath a cover

I am just so thrilled to have found this forum where I am learning so much from everybody. I remember reading about the different things people use to cover the bread while baking. At a thriftstore I have found a rectangular roaster 17x12x5(lid), bottom same dimensions. It just fits nicely in my oven, covers the whole baking sheet und has the hights so the bread can rise. I don't remember anymore how a lid affects the baking temperature and time. I tried to find that discussion but run out of patience. Thanks for helping me out.


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The lid or base will make a great "cloche" on a baking stone as long as there are no plastic handles.

Simply preheat whichever you are using and there should be no big change in the baking time. I always bake my dough covered for the first half of baking and then remove the cover for the second half.

Make sure your bread is done by checking the internal temp.

Enjoy--you should experience great oven spring and a great crust.

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Frequent Flyer

I use a large roaster for baking loaf breads.  I preheat in the oven, place up ot 2 loaf pans in the roaster, add a little water (since it's so large) and cover.  I get great results.  I'm sue using the top or bottom as a cover would work very well.

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Baking procedure: almost totally proofed loaves are in the covered roaster. Covered roaster goes into a cold oven that is then set to heat up to 435º F. Loaves are baked covered for 30 minutes [from the start]. Cover is then quickly removed so as not to lose too much heat & baking continues at the same temperature for another 20 minutes. The roaster is then removed from the oven & the loaves are carefully transferred from the roaster back into the oven for another 10 to 15 minutes at 350º F. No steam required. This works for two bâtards of 750g each. [I use a tray filled with river pebbles under the roaster so that the loaves find themselves on a bed of very hot pebbles when they go back into the oven.] I hope this helps. Happy baking!

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bread basket

I did a flaxseed bread 25min covered and 20 min uncovered. Came out very nice. My test if the bread is done: knocking on on the bottom. If it sounds hallow it is done. Works great. But I am still searching for that crunchy crust I am used to from my home country Switzerland. any ideas on that?