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Bread boards -- Is there one that contains the flying crumbs?

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Bread boards -- Is there one that contains the flying crumbs?

Not trying to start a riot here...I know that flying crumbs while cutting a well-made loaf of bread are just one of the joys. However, there are times when I bring bread to a potluck or a friend's house when it is less than opportune, based on the location of the cutting operation, to have crumbs fly in every direction. I've searched for a solution to this on-line, but haven't found one. If there are no commercially manufactured covered boards, has anyone devised an easy way to contain the crumb spray? Thanks!

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under the cutting board. i'd say just about all the crumbs end up on that, easy to shake off on the grass for the chooks :)

that being said, I only hand-cut, and don't get crumbs literally flying everywhere, though I can see it happening if you use an electric knife.

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Mini Oven

in the surface and some even cover a tray or box underneath to catch them, but that won't keep the joyous ones from jumping off the board or bouncing into the nearest soup bowl.  One advantage to using a tablecloth, it simply has to be shaken.  There are cute little table broom and dustpan sets that range from $2 plastic to fancy wood and silver.

I got a bit upset looking for an example, Google Search for images resulted in too many computer boards under: breadboard.  Ha! More evidence of geeky Computer/Bread connections!  But the idea should be apparent, a board with groves and holes or slits to catch the crumbs. A bigger bread board perhaps?

Another solution would be to cut the bread in the kitchen leaving the crumbs there and display the cut bread in a napkin lined basket or shallow bowl to transfer the bread to the table.  Napkin corners can be thrown over the bread to keep it warm if fresh from the oven.


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My cutting board/tray is just about identical to the one linked here:

It's sold at Amazon, but the supplier has a shorter link.

Catches 99.99% of the crumbs - also a great place to set a hot pan.

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We have a 'cutting board' that is a grate made of bamboo (or similar wood0 and it fits inside steel tray. It came from IKEA. I picked it up in the 'distressed' area for less than $10 (CDN).

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How about this one?  I've always wanted this one, but am too cheap to buy it for myself...