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Baking Mecca?

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Baking Mecca?

Dear all

I'm heading over to Paris in the next few weeks for my honeymoon.  I'm wondering whether there are any bakeries and/or baking supply shops that I need to visit when I'm there.  Any suggetsions are welcome!



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Hi Josh, Just read your short message...I thought I had already answered but perhaps I made any kind of mistake...a couple of years ago, the bakery Le Duc de la Chapelle won the prize for the best baguette of the year in Paris...perhaps you could write to JaneDo, the author of to get the right adress or simply google around and you' ll find...happy honeymoon and, if you can, take tons or pics to share with all of us, once back...Happy baking from Quito. Paolo

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Doc Tracy

Check Farine's blog. She has a wonderful write up of her last visit to Paris before her mother passed away. You can find her website from links on here.

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Consult the site 'Chocolate & Zucchini' - great source of info for Paris.