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Poilane Video

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Poilane Video

Dorie Greenspan has posted a video clip which I think will appeal to TFLers:

It was too slow on my computer but I found by clicking "share" the video would pause and the next bit would slowly download, so alternating between 'share' and 'play' when it stuttered, I was able to watch it at normal speed.

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Now I know how they make so many loaves than they have enough ship all overt the world!

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Hi Robyn, That's a great video clip, thanks. Am planning to bake some chocolate chip biscuits today - must try and practise mixing with just one hand. I tend to dip both my hands in and then its a real nuisance if you have to get something out of the pantry that you forgot. How's life on Waiheke? How's your water situation? We've almost run out (with 3 tanks - has never happened before), but are holding off till the end of the week as there's rain forecast for tomorrow and Thursday. Cleaned out the gutters yesterday, have never been so excited about rain pending. Did you end up getting the Hamelman book? How are you finding it to adapt to NZ ingredients? Regards, Liz

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Hi Liz

I  thought of you when another poster from NZ introduced himself in the last day or two and wondered how things are over there, for you. Trust the one-handed biscuit making a la Poilane went well!

Just returned to Waiheke having taken the children back home, they'd stayed last week (did lots of fun baking with them). Washed nothing while they were here & took all the laundry with me and made sure everything I brought back here was laundered too; it's overcast and very windy out here, let's hope for rain. My tank is low but I'm not inclined to buy water, so many newcomers here blithely do so - I realize my tank full wouldn't damage the water table but it's the principle. I spent lot of time in the bush in Africa and know how to use water sparingly. I've been here 10 years and this is the driest I've known it. Do you have animals to care for?  I really feel for farmers and market gardeners. I have little left in my garden and have delayed planting knowing I can't water. I bought fresh produce to bring home and found it quite expensive today.

I made a request to Auckland City Library to purchase 'Bread' and they got 2 copies, so you could borrow it on interloan. Of course once I'd borrowed it I wanted my copy so it was Amazon to the rescue. I accept the flour available to us. Hamelman gives an idea how the dough should be and I have been happy with all the different breads I have made using his formula. I always figure I'm making a Waiheke version whenever I try someone else's formula.

Cheers, Robyn

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Well, I was home alone today or I would've got someone to film me trying the one-handed mixing and put it on youtube to give everyone a laugh! Quite the opposite of "grace", "caress" and "magician's touch"! I replied to the new poster from NZ and would you believe they used to live up the road from me until 4 weeks ago when they moved to Kaitaia. Lots of wind here at the moment but no rain yet. Like you, we're reluctant to buy water but may have to for our animals. We only have a small property with just a few cattle but all our neighbours are farmers and some are selling their stock as they've already fed out all their winter hay. Ian's invented all sorts of contraptions to recycle water from the washing machine and shower which involves hoses all over the house and water flowing backwards and forwards. All my vegetables have either died or bolted and there's no point planting or sowing new ones. I'll request "Bread" from the library. I asked the Rodney libraries to buy a couple of books a few weeks ago but haven't heard back from them yet. One title I asked for was Reinhart's Artisan Breads in 5 Minutes a Day. I find it quite hard to fit the long fermentation & proofing schedules around my full-time job and think the Reinhart book may give some ideas on how to manage this.  Keep in touch, Liz

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Robyn - Thanks for posting this.  Watching him mix that cookie dough was like watching a first-rate magician at work!  It left me absolutely in awe!


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Thanks for sharing this Robyn.  So much grace involved...from the caress of the dough to the basket of free cookies for customers.  Lovely.

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Makes me feel very humble and yet inspired - I can't remember being so moved by a video about biscuits!!

quaich x