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Bill Buford Baking on BBC TV

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Bill Buford Baking on BBC TV

It's a good week for baking in the UK on BBC TV, last night the entertaining Bill Buford spent some time in Lyon learning alongside "Bob the baker", very interesting to see an experienced french baker handling the dough so gently and scoring the loaves expertly and tonight we have another programme on bread (BBC4 9PM). And last week The One Show had their food guy Jay Rayner handing round slices of sourdough that looked like Poilaine - baking - it's the new rock & roll!. Cheers, Steve

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Just watched it on i player.

enjoyed the Bakery bit but turned it off when he started to talk about butchery.


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"Currently BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only. . ."



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Thanks why we have to pay for a UK TV license or go to jail!, cheers  Steve

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Hi Peter, yeah the pig slaughter was a bit gross,  but he did go back to the bakery after that section. Cheers Steve

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Enjoy! (edited with both trips to the Boulanger, skips the pigstravaganza)

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Now the folks outside the UK can enjoy the clip, cheers Steve

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watch live channels

Oh yes am also agreed with the fact that that's a good week for baking in UK, & which is on  BBC TV, and now BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available in UK only, so lets see what will happen's next..

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Thanks.  I had missed that programme but - now I want one of those mixers, just a bit smaller.  Looks better than any KA or Kenwood.