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Sourdough loaves @ 7,500' in Colorado

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Sourdough loaves @ 7,500' in Colorado

These are my current best attempts.  I'm at 7,500' in Colorado. Potato Dill Sourdough.


The one below is Olive oil Rosemary


I  would be interested in any comments or constructive critisism.  They were both baked at 450 for 35 minutes turning once. They taste great. I'm looking for some information especially on the oilve oil rosemary.

Thanks, Marty

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The only thing I can say from reviewing your images is that, if you're truly making those at 7,500 feet, you are a magician.  Congratulations on your great success.  Constructive cirticism:  try reducing the size of the images before posting.  Thumbnails with a "click to enlarge" work best.

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Great job, especially at that altitude.  I love what potato does to bread crumb.  Thanks for sharing.


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You can't post that without the recipe. Would love to try it.



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Let me see what I can do.

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Potato dill Sourdough. I use mashed potatos.  You may want to print the photos to enlarge them some how. Hope this works for you. 7,800' in Colorado

Boy my spelling sucks.

I don't know why it is so blurry but I will try a different aproach.
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beautiful! that is one book on my list!