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KAF baking stone and Old Stone Oven/ baking stone - same or different product?

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KAF baking stone and Old Stone Oven/ baking stone - same or different product?

Is this the same exact product? The KAF catalog doesn't list the manufacturer. The stone on Amazon is less $ and free shipping. Thanks in advance for your comments/advice.

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It would be helpful if you included the links to the products so we can be sure we are comparing exactly what you are.

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3 Olives

My guess is that they are different. The KA stone was a Cook's Illustrated Top Choice. I'm pretty sure Old Stone would have mentioned that if it was their stone.

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Don't know if they are exactly the same, but they are very similar. Both claim to be the top rated stone in a Cook's Illustrated review. The KAF stone actually was. The Amazon stone was recommended here by the forum founders wife:

If the listed dimensions of each are accurate, the KAF stone is 1/2" longer and wider. I suspect KAF may be having their stone customized to be a little larger to distinguish itself, so as to be able to charge a little more.

Don't think you would go wrong either way, but the Amazon stone seems to be a better buy.

That said, I think, for about $1 more(total shipped) than the Amazon stone, the stones at are better than both, because it's a little thicker. I highly recommend it, but I have the 16 x 16 version.

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So being one who researches everything, I wanted to get to the bottom of this considering similar dimensions but very different prices. I contacted amazon to see if they could given me any information on the old stone oven baking stone 14 x 16 x 1/2. Amazon wan unable to tell me anything regarding old stone oven company. Numerous searches turned up no information on old stone oven company. I then contacted KAF and inquired about their stone that has similar dimensions 14 1/2 x 16 1/2 x 1/2. I asked about who manufactures the product and was given a number to the company who supplies KAF baking stones. The company turns out to be Kitchen Supply Company a wholesaler who does not sell to the consumer but lists several of its vendors, Amazon being one of them but not KAF. Spoke to a rep and he stated that both stones come from Kitchen Supply Company and the different dimension on KAF website are misprinted and both stones are 14 x16 x 1/2. KAF offers a life time warranty which is a huge selling point and very rare today. The rep from Kitchen Supply Company told me that they offer a life time warranty on the one sold by amazon even though it is not stated on the amazon website. Amazon offers a 30 day money guarantee but outside of the 30 days, you would contact Kitchen Supply Company for replacement issues. This warranty is the same for KAF, if your stone breaks say a year after purchase, KAF would put you in contact with Kitchen Supply Company for replacement. Whew.....sorry for the long rant but I wanted to everyone who has been on the fence or in the future looking for a new stone that they know what the deal is. In the end, the Amazon buy is a clear winner with free shipping and cheaper price. Now I am going to place my order with Amazon.