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Ok so I just made this loaf with the recipie from lesson II. I tried it with a "Tiger Bread" topping and I think that needs work but my real concern is that my loaf is rather...flat. I am happy with the color, taste and crumb but it seems awfully short and I tried a second batch and it is responding the same.  What can I do different.  It doubled in size both after the initial kneading and after I shaped it and let it rise for a hour before baking.  What have I done wrong?

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Over proofing, maybe?

On your next bake, try proofing(the final proof) for a shorter period. Maybe like, just 3/4's of the time of the past two attempts.

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Mini Oven

Sounds like a moist dough.  Maybe it would help to build some strength into the dough while rising so it keeps its shape better in the oven. 

You can view the technique in the videos listed above or click on this:

After several sets of folds, spaced 30 minutes apart, let the final proof rise only a half hour before going into the oven.  The softer the dough, the more folding it may need.  If you find the dough tearing, stop folding.  Then wait 10 minutes for the dough to relax and do a final shape before the final 30 minute rise.  (Rising time may vary according to room temp.)  Don't forget to cover the dough while resting.