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Lavash Crackers

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Lavash Crackers

I really love the Lavash Crackers from BBA....

 I just made another batch for a dinner party tonight and they are SO colourful and tasty (with kosher salt, cumin, paprika, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic salt etc...) Just wondering if anybody has some tips on how to keep more of the spices from jumping off the tops of the crackers as you bite into them??? This time I tried misting with water, sprinkling spices on top, then pressing the spices into the dough with my fingers...still lots of spice particles flying as I chew !

I don't really want to spread egg wash on top of them. Any suggestions? :)

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A heavier mist should make the surface more sticky.  I always mist the Lavash heavily and have never had a problem with falling seed/spices. 

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Thanks for the advice! I don't have a mister so I just spread water on top with my fingers...I guess I need to moisten it even more!!! I'll try again tomorrow...

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Mini Oven

Milk wash?  Or a liquer..?  :)  Mini Oven

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I have been asked to produce the lavash cracker on a large scale, for example, four full sheet pans a day. Does this take very long, I don't have a sheeter. Thanks for any information. Also, Not trying to be out of touch, but is the lavash cracker what people want right now? I truly believe the loaf is bread at its finest, where is the intergrity in the cracker? Very confused about whether this is really a fair undertaking. Don't get me wrong I would happily bake them for my family for a hummus dip!

Thank you,