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Do you run out of friends to give your bread to?

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Do you run out of friends to give your bread to?

LOL ... do you ever bake sooooo much bread and then run out of people to give it to?  

I jest because I have a yesterday's loaf of bread on my counter & I'm scratching my head & thinking, "Who can I give this to?"

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I can't bake enough bread to keep people satisfied hahaha. Seems like i take a loaf out and before i can blink its gone. I hope the dreaded cult of Atkins isn't to blame for your dilemma!

Tom Georgalas

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Anything I bake is invariably used as a bribe offering to get people to hang out with me.  Usually works.

Incidentally, my last name is Atkins, and I'll approve any bread you like, so hopefully we can overthrow the other cult ;]

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I have a fire station just up the road, and those boys do love fresh baked bread.


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If it's good, I always run out of bread to give to people...

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Debra Wink

Give a loaf to your  <mailman/hair stylist/chiropractor/...>.  You fill in the blank. I even gave loaves to the drywall guys who came to repair my ceiling last month. Basically, whoever is around, is fair game  : )

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Here is my list: 

doctors, assistants, front office; dentist, assistant, front office; Butcher shop; post office; produce vendor; propane delivery driver; neighbors; trash route driver; chiropractor, assistant; and just about anyone else in the service field that I come across.



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I never run out - somebody's always glad to get it . . . but then, we live on a boarding stable, so there are always plenty of recipients to choose from!

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Right about the time I got into this breadmaking jag, my wife went on a diet, and it's like pulling teeth to get her to even try what I'm making. I give my bread to just about anybody who will take it!