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Bread dough bowl or trough or trug

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Mini Oven

Bread dough bowl or trough or trug

Has anyone noticed the appearance of a bread mixing trough just outside Hagrid's Hut leaning against the stone wall next to the scarecrow? 

I was glancing up while "the kids" were watching "The Prisoner of Askaban" film from the Harry Potter series.  The wooden antique is pictured several times first rather close and later in the background.  The scene is when Hermine and Harry go together back in time pretty close to the end of the film.  ...behind the pumpkin pile.


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Hmmm I haven't, but I will have to go back and check it out.  I know exactly what scene you are talking about. 

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No, but that is totally cool. I wouldn't recognize one if it was in my own back yard, do you know of a link to a picture of one?


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Mini Oven


Similar to this but without the square edges. 

The one in the movie looks very Alpine in style.  Most often 2 or 3 were cut from a section of log getting smaller as the inside was removed.  I have seen a few of these "all in one" bowls and have seen a documentary somewhere on how they are made. 

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I have several images but can't figure out how to send it to you. It's not html, it's my own photo.

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We've got a wooden dough box in our kitchen, antique, Canadian, similar to one they used in Australia for a sourdough bake-off.  It's big enough to be used as counter space.

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Mini Oven

Have you used it for dough and has it found other work in the kitchen? 

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Mini Oven

It's old and brand new!  Looks like the one in the movie!


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I carve wooden trencher bowls and dough bowl. Some of you may be interested. Check my stuff out at and Let me know it I can help, Joe.

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In the movie, "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford," Robert Ford's sister is making bread in a large wooden bowl that looks very much like a trough. She's kneading the bread in front of a window on a cold winter day.


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Mini Oven

to encourage the dough to rise.  A little solar energy.  I think I sometimes forget that yeast likes to hibernate in the winter.  Also sounds like poetic cinema.  I'll have to check it out.  I can almost picture the flour dust swirls rising in the sun's rays...  (Would the actress tell another story?)

In anticipation of my first breakfast whilst returning from the neighboring farm with my catch of fresh eggs, snow flakes teased me back to childhood, dancing into my face inviting me, yes, to catch them on my tongue as the apple trees glistened in the sunlight.  Life is good!