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How do you clean your cutting board/work surface?

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How do you clean your cutting board/work surface?

I just finished making some dough for pita bread and I noticed that my wood cutting board is starting to get kind of "gummy". It's probably due to the fact that I use this as my kneeding surface. Normally, I use some dishsoap and cold water to rince it off after use. And, every other use, I pour boiling water over it to kill germs. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be doing something else? What do you do?

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I do several things:

When done with the board I take my bench knife and scrape it across the entire board at a low angle. This move generally gets all the stuff that is sticking. And it makes it easier to clean.

I then wash using a bit of soap and water. For sanitation, I spray it with a weak bleach/water solution (1 oz bleach in 23 oz water). Then let it air dry.

About twice a year I gently sand it a bit with fine grit sandpaper. Then wash, dry, oil with mineral oil. The idea here is to smooth out the board if the washing and sanitizing brings up the grain or knives leave small cuts.

If it picks up odors, scrub it with half a lemon with salt on it. Then air dry in the sun.

Also, I have one big board that is only for pastry (I even have it labeled). I have used plastic for baking but think the wood boards are better for this purpose.

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After reading your comments, I think it might be time for me to try sanding mine. I've never done that and I've had this cutting board for 10 years - might be time. :)

And, I really like the idea of having a diluted bleach spray for sanitizing. Thanks for the tips!