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My dough whisk arrived today... now what?

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My dough whisk arrived today... now what?

I would like to try the whisk out.  What's the best way to warm up to it?  Something doesn't require a lot of experience handling this little gadget... like pancake or cupcakes?  The whisk is pretty big for my hand but I probably can handle it if the dough is not too stiff.  Any suggestions?  Al

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Just do it.  If you have a sourdough culture, use the whisk when you refresh it.

It's also a great tool for mixing dry ingredients, pancakes, etc., or for the initial mix of dough (when it calls for a shaggy mass).

I have one and use it for the above purposes, but that's about it.  I find that using my hands for folding, or a dough scraper to fold in the bowl,  is more effective and less work when mixing bread dough.

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You can search for the master recipe online.  The dough whisk is great for mixing up that dough--I usually make a half recipe.  It is very fun to play with. 

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Try it on a quck bread levained with baking powder. They come in boxes at the supermarket.

David G

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Will get my hands on it for my next loaf!  Al